Conclusion of my counselling study

DB would have benefited from summarising with Rose to check his understanding of what she had said and where they were up to in the session.

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How are you today? Was it nice to see the grandkids? These stressors could possibly explain her relapse. I find it difficult at times to achieve this as I have a controlling nature; it seems easier for me to offer a solution based upon my interpretation and perception of the problem.

Her presenting problem is that she is having problems with a colleague at work. A historically disenfranchised community, youth are constantly facing systems that disempower them. Not long after the session has begun, DB stops listening and puts forward an idea that he explains is spontaneous.

The practice of counselling. At the time I was totally unaware of why she was behaving this way and in particular that I may be influencing it. DB proceeded to elaborate further without recognising her responses. Questions The first to be discussed is the use of questions. Do you think you could control this yourself at the moment?

In the bulimia was reported to be under control. I might have explored this with Pamela if I had been more aware of it at the time by sharing my intuitive sense and what I was experiencing.

Why I Chose a Master’s in Counseling Psychology

So what am I supposed to do, you always want to talk Carol emphasises this word about things, yet you never give me any ways of coping with these feelings. Pearson Education McLeod, J. Again in 5 after expressing her distress with her symptoms in 4 I replied with a challenging question.

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Egan provides a possible explanation for the type of listening DB used called evaluative listening. Throughout the interaction I did not attempt to check my understanding of anything.

Very little is documented in medical notes during this time, which does not allow me to identify any interventions, e. How seriously did you think about it? These included the use of breathing exercises and relaxation tapes, along with medication including PRN medication:A case study of Counseling Process of an Inmate in a Kenyan Prison Dr.

Esther Gicheru Ag. Principal Co-operative University, College of Kenya Kenya Introduction In this paper I shall explore the case study of one of my clients in practicum. The case study represents the work Aims of Counselling Counselor’s Aims.

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Counselling case study Counselling Case Study. The following intervention analysis will utilise a planned verbal interaction, which occurred as part of ongoing care, during a. Counselling case study Counselling Case Study. The following intervention analysis will utilise a planned verbal interaction, which occurred as part of ongoing care, during a week placement on a Psychiatric Acute ward catering for Women aged The client's informed consent was gained verbally, to use this conversation within my assignment.

Multicultural counseling requires the recognition of: (1) the importance of racial/ethnic group membership on the socialization of the client; (2) the importance of and the uniqueness of the individual; (3) the presence of and place of values in the counseling process; and (4) the uniqueness of learning styles, vocational goals, and life purposes of clients, within the context of principles of democratic social /5(17).

Summarising, paraphrasing and reflection of feelings are all examples of counselling micro-skills that let the client know that the counselor is listening and understanding them correctly.

Conclusion of my counselling study
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